Preforms from EnergoPet-a with “E pack” technology

As one of the leaders in preform manufacturing on the market of Serbia, EnergoPet has been building its market position by continuously investing and following world trends related to PET development. In 2004, in cooperation with an American company called “Color Matrix”, EnergoPet introduced the most modern technology “E pack“ in the best quality PET preform production, which enabled the production of new and modern packaging for bottling beer and other beverages, that preserves the product's original and natural qualities.

Save up to 20% energy during bottle blowing

We are very proud that we can offer new options to our customers regarding energy savings during the bottle blowing process. With our new technology we make preforms that are able to absorb infrared energy up to 20% more than the classical preforms. Heating of preforms is done by infrared lamps during the blowing process. Heat absorption is increased due to preform's ability to absorb more infrared radiation. More»